Imply some other YGO-related tags to the main YGO tags

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The bulk update request #15410 has been approved by @evazion.

create implication yu-gi-oh!_go_rush!! -> yu-gi-oh!
create implication yu-gi-oh!_ocg_structures -> yu-gi-oh!
create implication yu-gi-oh!_master_duel -> yu-gi-oh!

I think these newer YGO-related tags should be implied to the main tag, as with other installments, to keep various Yu-Gi-Oh! tags organized.

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  • mortalkombachan said:

    Right, yu-gi-oh!_rush_duel should be taken out of the BUR as we haven't reached a conclusion on what this tag should be about or if its existence as a tag is even necessary.

    Done. Though imo Rush Duel should've been implied to YGO stuff since it did reuse several Duel Monster contents, namely several monsters and theme that were ported over from the OCG.

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