Deprecate fantasy?

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The bulk update request #15621 is pending approval.

deprecate fantasy

Unlikely continuation of previous topic #21205. I think fantasy seems to be vague and redundant. The reason is that inexperienced users might've tag any images depicting unrealistic setting with fantasy. In fact, most animanga, movies and video games are fantasy-based. This is not akin to medieval, magic, science fiction, horror (theme), or cyberpunk etc.. Those theme-related tags that shows more distinct visual cues. I heard this site is opting for the more visually-descriptive tags as possible. To me fantasy is as vague as the deprecated action.
Please do not hesitate to message me if my you saw something wrong with this issue. I'm all open to further suggestions.

Pokeball99 said:
users being idiots shouldn't be a valid reason for getting rid of a tag

Thanks. Sorry, but inexperienced (not idiotic) users are not the main reason. I've also misused tags. It's all about visually descriptive values and redundancy, since I saw there are clearer tags.


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  • Pokeball99 said:

    users being idiots shouldn't be a valid reason for getting rid of a tag

    It actually can be if it's a consistent systemic issue.

    Fantasy encompasses far too broad and far too nebulous a subject to be useful as a tag. While you could expect Tolkien/D&D style things in it, the reality is that for every fanciful landscape or pretty hippie elf picture, there're a bunch of pictures of some girl getting goblin raped, random League of Legends porn, sometimes a random Pokémon, and Kill la Kill characters in biomecha armor.

    Coming to a definition that is both agreed on and usefully taggable is not something I can imagine us actually doing. Other genre tags are also aesthetic tags, making them far easier to use and police.

    though, tbh, I still find science fiction almost in the same boat

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  • HeeroWingZero said:

    Sci-fi does at least have a few subgenre tags like cyberpunk to fall back on, which I'm not sure fantasy has. Would it be worth making a high fantasy tag to encompass the kind of classic fantasy aesthetic you mentioned?

    Is there a specific name for the more fantastical style like Oz or Alice with talking animals? Fairy tale seems like a distinct subset as well though it isnt a tag.

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