Tag Proposal: Featureless Background

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BUR #16004 has been rejected.

create implication simple_background -> featureless_background

this is a proposal for backgrounds which one can not identify the background with anything(a "test" for this would roughly be "does it look like the picture is taking place in an identifiable location?" post #6155521 is the current example of what this tag would be like, and i imagine there would be hashing out what exactly qualifies a background for this tag

the BUR is under the assumption that if it is a simple background, it is also a featureless background

post #6182568 has a background that implies shading either from the sky or a dark room, and it's not a gradient because it doesn't have a smooth transition from dark to light. Actually, I'm not sure if that post would even count as having a simple background because of the wiki description.
And the picture the OP provided (post #6155521) has a similar thing going on where it might be inplying shading OR silhouettes of other people/things.

for a background to count as featureless, i feel like it would have to have a flat color.

I would tag both posts as simple background. One thing that surprises me is that we tag simple background (which is more of the default) rather than tagging detailed backgrounds.

Making a tag with 99.99% overlap (simple -> featureless) will never go through.