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The logical conclusion to that tag would surely be for it to be more common than both long bangs and short bangs but it's still tagging bangs length, not "normal", and it's not ever gonna be anywhere near as common as the bangs tag was, and all bangs length tags are already undertagged.
Wasn't the reason for nuking bangs that it was an unneeded umbrella tag for all bangs regardless of specifics? which medium bangs isn't


The "issue" of medium bangs in that logic wouldn't be that different from miniskirt as i see it, and i came up with this tag mainly because long bangs and short bangs leave an untagged gap in bangs length. I get that this specific gap is a lot more common than its counterparts but if it's enough to warrant a nuke then miniskirt does too just because vast majority of posts under skirt are miniskirts (apparently so much that most people don't even feel the need to tag miniskirt to posts that apply)
I was in favor of deprecating and nuking bangs because of the issues of being an umbrella tag for something that indeed would apply to 99% of posts with at least 1 human in it, and in favor of making more specific bangs tags since it's been lacking precisely because of the presence of the umbrella tag, but i don't think a tag that's mutually exclusive with it's counterparts actually carries the same issues as bangs or would be rightfully added to the same proportion of posts. Again, not denying it would end up being a big tag, but that's not the issue that bangs had imo

If there's really that much of an issue with it just being too large then i can see it being split in 2.
But regardless my main point is that i think the length needs to be tagged

Mayhem-Chan said:

imo, the length medium bangs can cover is way too marginal to warrant being tagged separately. short bangs is for exceptional amounts of forehead, and long bangs is for exceptionally hidden amounts of forehead that lend themselves to bang styles like hair over eyes, hair between eyes, etc. tagging medium bang length would be just like tagging hair; making note of the "default" instead of marked differences.

skirts on the other hand have very obvious boundaries. working bottom up, we have long skirt for below the kneecap or further, skirt for just above the kneecap, miniskirt for halfway between the kneecap and ass, and microskirt for just below the asscheek or absurd cases like post #6162402. if people are too lazy to tag something properly, especially things with clear-cut divisions, that's their fault and not the tag.

AngryZapdos said:

It's very much not split; support for the nuke has almost a two-third majority.

you’re right, if meh’s are discounted (like I was supposed to) it becomes not split at all. what I should have said was “close to unanimous”, but the bangs nuke succeeded at +24/-20, so unless someone comes to bat with a convincing argument it’s time to say our prayers for medium bangs.