alias feet -> leg_hands

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BUR #16048 has been rejected.

create alias feet -> leg_hands

Should be obvious. Let's finally break the footfags' death foot grab grip on danbooru's neck.

We have tons of redundant tags for "hands, but on legs", to the point where it becomes stupid: fingerless gloves vs toeless legwear, elbow gloves vs thighhighs, shoes vs layered gloves, boots vs gauntlets, armpit crease vs butt crack, foot_pussy vs hand pussy... I could on, but you get the gist.

I propose merging all of these tags, because feet are just leg hands.
If someone REALLY cares for the distinction, they can simply search for something like legs elbow_gloves to find only thighhighs, or armpit_crease legs for butt crack (a simple, elegant solution) to find what they want. There will be a few false positives, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to let you make.

We could also have a catchall leg/foot wear tag in order to further consolidate mittens, bridal gauntlets, socks and so forth. Something like black foothandwear, or futawear for short.