New Feature: Reactions

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I'm pleased to announce a new feature: reactions! Reactions allow you express your feelings about a post or comment in the form of an emoji. Just press the Add Reaction icon beneath a post or comment to add your reaction.

The voting and favoriting systems have been removed in favor of reactions. Reactions are more versatile, plus it means commenters and uploaders no longer have to worry about pesky anonymous users downvoting them for no reason.

I'm happy to bring Danbooru one step closer to being a modern social media platform!


Such a wonderful idea, thank you. The fact that gun emoji is added here just make it even better. But somehow I cannot favourite posts anymore. Once I hovered to each reaction meme icons, I saw no description about each of them. For the love of God, looking forward to be continuously implemented in the future!

Edit: Now fortunately post scores are visible through tooltip upon hovering post thumbnail.


Punished_Yay said:

This is an April Fools Joke, right?

What kind of stupid, moronic thing is April Fools? we are very serious here, no one would ever do something funny on the internet, just like how we don't lie on the internet.

(Pssst, if you really need it, just scroll to the bottom of the page - there's this section named "Options", and you can still use it to fav posts)

Better get used to it, kiddo. This is the reality of the site now.

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