alias jail_house_rock_(stand) -> jail_house_lock_(stand)

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Shoulda said something sooner, but...

It's not really seen as a play on words, random reddit comment aside. It's known to be a copyright dodge and is largely only present in Netflix subtitles.

Many such names are anime localization-only and often only in Netflix subtitles, like Bohemian Ecstatic instead of Rhapsody.

We should be careful about these ones since there's actually a huge swathe of them that are actively reviled by the fanbase. I dunno how seriously I could take it if we aliased Limp Bizkit to Flaccid Pancake.* This may be a case where we break convention.

*this is the best sentence I've written on Danbooru.


As far as I can tell, the source for Jail House Lock being the official spelling is this: https://static.jojowiki.com/images/9/9a/latest/20211010215744/SO_Chapter_97_Tailpiece.png. Jail House Lock was also apparently in use by the JoJo Wiki since before the Netflix adaptation.

JoJo names in general appear to be a huge mess (see https://jojowiki.com/Name_Variants) and I'm not sure where we stand. I think it would probably be easiest to just do whatever JoJo Wiki does, since they've probably thought it through more than we have.