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Alternate JoJoLands romanizations

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create alias paco_lovelantes -> paco_laburantes
create alias paco_lovelanties -> paco_laburantes
create alias usagi_alohaoe -> usagi_aloha'oe

These two characters don't have official romanizations, but various wikis and translations localize them differently. On MangaDex, the English scanlation by We Need More Yankiis localizes Paco as "Paco Laburantes", and so does JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia. The Polish team VeiTeam goes with "Paco Lovelanties", and the French team Made in JOJOLANDS uses "Lovelantes", and so does the Polish JoJopedia.
Both Lovelantes (but not Lovelanties) and Laburantes get hits on Tumblr.

Usagi Alohaoe on the other hand: Aloha'oe is used by We Need More Yankiis, and the English team Hi Wa Mata Noboru goes with "Alohaoe", as does JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia.
Both also once again function on Tumblr: Alohaoe and Aloha'oe, both getting different hits.