BUR: Rehydrated Ganondorf

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Isn't this just a consistent fan design for a single character, though? I see the need to rename the tag, but when have we ever made named alternate designs into general tags?

e: Was half-asleep, this isn't a naming conflict.


The wiki doesn't describe this as "the meme where you say 'rehydrated Ganondorf'", though, it describes a specific set of design traits common to a speculative design of Ganondorf. It's already more visually consistent than a lot of speculative designs given character tags (e.g. Saigyouji Yuyuko (living), Layla Prismriver, many named Super Crown snowclones that are all over the place). If it really is just "the meme where you say 'rehydrated Ganondorf'", then the wiki would have to be completely reworked. As it is, this is a character tag.

I would assume so, considering the final trailer with Ganondorf's official design just dropped a few days ago. It would be weirdly prophetic otherwise.

Speaking of, we've got another one: post #6228183. If this is a "fan design Ganondorf" tag, then posts with the official design will need it removed, regardless of mentions of rehydration.