Azur Lane's Code G/T alias

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BUR #16348 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias enterprise_(meta)_(azur_lane) -> code_g_(azur_lane)
rename code_t_(azur_lane) -> ember_(azur_lane)
create alias takao_(meta)_(azur_lane) -> ember_(azur_lane)

Code G is sometime called "Enterprise META" (especially in Operation Siren and recent events)

"Code T" doesn't seem to be an official name, since I can't find any mention of "Code T" or "コードT" in the game script,wiki or official social media accounts. She was called "Ember" ("余燼" (yojin) in japanese and "不速之客" in Chinese ) before Pledge of the Radiant Court and "Takao・META" after that event.
I don't know if we should rename her ember_(azur_lane) and create a takao_(meta)_(azur_lane) -> ember_(azur_lane) alias or just rename her takao_(meta)_(azur_lane).

I think we should reverse the alias by this point. The recent 2023-2024 popularity poll lists their names as Enty META and Takao META in the voting selection and we should probably accept the fact that "Code G" and "Ember" were holdover names from the early game story.