Aliasing manhwa

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BUR #16406 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

mass update manhwa -comic -> -manhwa

Manhwa is just the Korean term for comics/manga which has made its tagging on danbooru a mess. The vast majority of the tag is a tandem search for comic korean_text, and ironically most of the posts are fan comics of JP and CN copyrights.

The few things that don't fall into that category are just random pieces of manhwa/webtoon characters, similar to how western comics was often misused before receiving the (style) qualifier. From what I can tell though, manhwa's style isn't generally distinct enough from Japanese manga/anime to tag on its own.

This BUR will remove the tag from any of the posts that aren't comics, and then alias manhwa to comic in the same vein as the existing manga -> comic alias.