Alias Presenting Panties -> Presenting Removed Panties

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BUR #16471 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias presenting_panties -> presenting_removed_panties
create implication presenting_removed_panties -> holding_panties

According to its wiki, presenting panties is a tag intended for the act of presenting removed panties to the viewer. I believe that simply changing the name to make it more clear will clear up the couple of mistags that are instead skirt lift images. Also, all presenting panties images are holding panties images, so I added an implication as well.

bob14234657 said:

changes to remove ambiguity are always a good thing, but I'm not too keen on that name. it gets the point across, but sounds ugly. this is more of a band-aid fix than a real solution, but can't you just DMail the egregious offenders? there are only a handful of recent ones... user #417651, user #426317, and user #734690.

if a better main name is found, I see no issues with this BUR.

There's no chance a name like the current one won't be mistagged, it's simply too ambiguous, especially given that our other presenting_* tags have no such clause.