Seperating hypnosis from mind control

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The bulk update request #16490 has been rejected.

remove implication hypnosis -> mind_control

Hypnosis describes a process, while mind control describes a state. The former shouldn't automatically imply the later; for example, the process may fail. In addition, with the character Satsuki (Blue Archive), a popular picture format inolves her hypnotizing the viewer such as in post #6246402. Tagging these mind_control is inaccurate, as they usually don't depict mind control happening or anyone under mind control. (The linked post is a slight outlier, in that the background of concentric circles and radial blur effect suggests the hypnosis is having effect.)

Hypnosis also has paraphernalia and cliches that are specific to it and not to mind control in general, the most recognizable being the coin on string and the hypno phone app. Hypnosis shouldn't be treated as synonymous with mind control, and should only be tagged when those elements are present.

post #6224865 is an interesting test case. On one hand, the manner in which the hypnosis is applied (magically touching the girl's forehead) is even less realistic than a hypno app. On the other, her reaction is much, much more realistic: she just relaxes and exhibits a vacant stare. She isn't compelled to do something against her will, which is what I think is the essence of mind control.

While online dictionaries define 催眠 (saimin) to mean "hypnosis", on Pixiv the tag seems to refer to generic mind control in the great majority of posts. I'm curious to what degree this is a Pixiv phenomenon vs. an actual language disconnect. For example, are "Jedi mind tricks" in Star Wars called saimin? I think most English fans would strongly disagree with calling it hypnosis.