fixing knife_holster/sheath/scabbard

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BUR #16938 has been rejected.

create alias knife_holster -> scabbard

sheath vs scabbard, it seems, attempted to be aliased and was abandoned a long time ago. now there's the problem of "knife holster"... personally I would never use the term "holster" to describe a knife sheath, and if knife sheath (2642) scabbard knife (540) are any indication neither would a lot of people. there are some like RE4 Leon who wear it on their shoulder holster and Saori in a normal holster, but the term "holster" is traditionally associated with guns so I don't think it's fitting to apply them here. an alias to scabbard is the first choice, because of scabbard's current usage for "any bladed weapons" including the dagger, sword, knife, etc.

the second choice, and one I would prefer more, is to alias knife holster to a new knife sheath tag (which would then implicate sheath) that can be used for all manner of combat knives/daggers/other short blades. this would finally put the contention of scabbard to rest and keep it exclusively to sword sheaths, which is probably the most common association of "scabbard". it also leaves sheath free as a general tag for other bladed weapons such as axes.

edit: fixed a chartag