Feature request: Edit several posts at once

Posted under Bugs & Features

Some way to edit common tags of a group of posts.

The "Recent" edit tag feature is nice, but still requires browsing, editing & submitting each post one by one.
And some series can be long: comic, stripping, decomposition of a big fresco…

Could be:

  • Classic desktop select & edit.
  • Option for related posts.
  • Require inputing post # or link.
  • BUR-like Interface.

Tools already exist for this. Gold+ users have access to both an Edit mode and a Tag Script mode. Edit mode allows tags to be edited directly from the search page, and Tag Script mode allows tags chosen by the user to be added or removed instantly just by clicking on a post"s thumbnail.

Unfortunately, member level users don't have access to these, since it wouldn't be wise to allow anyone to be able to easily mass edit tags the moment they create an account, and even more unfortunately account upgrades are unavailable for purchase until further notice. As it stands, members will have to do things the "hard way" until they can earn a promotion and gain access to those tools.

you can get around the gold+ tag scripting restriction by downloading DanbooruEX, I don’t have the link on me but it’s a userscript hosted by evazion on github. obviously be very careful when bulk editing, many people already want this script to “break” suddenly so less trustworthy users don’t have an easy way to mass vandalize.