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is it not a type of school swimsuit styled after a competition swimsuit? that isn't the same thing. granted I struggle to distinguish between the two, despite what the school swimsuit wiki claims is "closer in style to the more modern competition swimsuit, but still in the style of a school swimsuit"; the two cents of a swimsuit aficionado would be much obliged.

against an implication because unless there is a consistent distinguishable feature here I'd prefer an alias or nuke. competition school swimsuit sounds a lot like it was made because "character x is a student," or "location y is a school pool," or "we already have school swimsuit tags for every other style so boom, there."

Competition swimsuits are actually regulated by the sport governing body (FINA). Other than limits of the regs, the design will always seek to minimise drag, hence what darnbooru tags as them. Since the regs aren't actively enforced below national level (or age 13), school swimwear leans more towards modesty and lifespan/cost of the suit.

Under current school swimsuit guidance:
post #6243647 - left is competition school swimsuit as it has distinct straps and no vertical seam but is too far down the leg to be competition; right is highleg competition swimsuit as the hip joints aren't covered so the suit won't ride up and cause drag
post #6243650 - left could go either way due to the straps, see next post comment; right is new school swimsuit as it has the vertical seam and broad shoulder straps of the old style but no flap
post #5097244 - could go either way, however, this is an actual entry level competion swimsuit (Arena Superfly Back Maxlife) so is tagged correctly as competion swimsuit.

It looks like the issue is a mix of pixiv tag divergence and mistagging styles. It might be better solved by merging competition school swimsuit and new school swimsuit; possibly also swap the name to contemporary school swimsuit. Strap style wouldn't factor into the tagging.
Non-traditional school swimsuit would remain for any frills, two piece, etc
Competition swimsuit would remain as close fit one-piece swimsuits stopping above the leg.