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Hillside_Moose said:
I thought moemon was a hitec-exclustive thing.

How did the term "moemon" come to be, anyway?

Moemon appears to be a term used for ANY personified Pokemon. Though I suppose you've already come to realize this.

That said, I don't really know the origins. It's probably something like what Shinjidude said.

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  • T5J8F8 said:
    pokemon personification chibi? Normal users can't search more than three tags at once, right?

    Actually it's limited to two tags. So moemon grouping together personification + pokemon is actually a useful tag for regular members.

    I'm for having it imply personification and pokemon at the very least, because that's what we're defining it as currently. I don't think it would be very useful restricting it to the moemon game's designs, since those are so few and far between. If it's really necessary, moemon_(game) can be used, but I don't see much value in it.

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  • Bloodletter said:
    So moemon grouping together personification + pokemon is actually a useful tag for regular members.

    Didn't albert state that we shouldn't do things to help Member-level users get around the limitations?

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  • forum #39024

    葉月 said:
    We have discussed that before, and the decision is that we don't keep around pools whose only value is "they get around the need to search for >2 tags". And albert has stated before he's not interested in making it less attractive to pay for the priv either.

    I think this applies here as well.

    So, the only real justification of the moemon tag is to specifically reference the fan-made game.

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  • Because an image with pokemon is not particularly likely to have other things personified in it which might mistakenly make the post show up when someone was searching for personified pokemon. But striped thighhighs will match thousands of posts that aren't tagged striped_thighhighs, because they contain things other than thighhighs that are striped and/or thighhighs that are something other than striped.

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  • Necroing this thread, since the introduction of pokemon (creature) has made this definition of moemon redundant:

    On danbooru, this tag means a specific style of Pokemon personification where the personified Pokemon is shown alongside the normal one.

    pokemon (creature) + personification

    In addition, attributing Moemon to hitec is incorrect, even though he may have the largest number of Moemon posts on here. Google searching "Moemon" in English and Japanese almost exclusively brings up the ROM hack that aozane designed and other hacks based on it.

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