Tag for images between loli and 16-18?

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Hello forum,

I'm quite new to this incarnation of Danbooru, so I tried to search forums/tags for an answer to my question, and found none, so I decided to post it.

I blacklist "loli" and "flat chest" because I'm not interested and because the legality of even drawn stuff like this is unclear to me where I live. (note, I'm staying far away from making any moral judgement, I look at porn myself after all)

This works well at removing the most extreme things. However, there is still a substantial gray area: mostly child's face + child's body + substantial breasts. Even completely within the tagging rules barely teenage girls having sex will show up outside "loli".

My idea is to have a below16 (or similar) tag. I don't think there's any way to see the difference between 16 and 18, hence 16. This would have two key benefits:
1) Make blacklisting easier for people whose tastes don't agree with this stuff.
2) Make searching easier for people who are totally into this stuff.

Please tell me why this is a good/bad idea.


No offense, but the last thing we need is more people looking to apply age-based tags. It's just way too subjective and would need to be applied to tens of thousands of tags.

It's just not easy to nail down and apply consistently, and thus a bad idea.

I'm thinking if you blacklisted everything 16 years old and younger you wouldn't have much to look at. Even if they don't look like it, 14 is a very popular age for anime characters (c.f. Evangelion). On the other hand you would still be dealing with the likes of Konata from Lucky Star who is 17-18, but has the physique of 'loli'. In short, I don't think this is viable, or able to do what you want.