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Tag use: Monster Hunter Armor Sets

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As it stands, complete or at least uniform monster hunter armor sets make pretty good character tags, largely because the game is centered around the player's own customizable character. The problem lies with armor sets that incorporate armors from other sets (post #842311 for example).

One possibility could be to make the armor set tags general tags. Another could be creating a general tag like armor_name_(armor) and have the character tag as armor_name_(armor_set) and have the armor set implicate the armor tag.

More input would be appreciated.

Updated by DschingisKhan

I prefer a simpler approach of just tagging the armor sets when they're full or nearly so. If one image incorporates 6 six different pieces of armor, having six different armor set tags seems excessive.

I do like the the idea of a combined armor tag and I understand jxh's concern for simplicity.

So how about this. If a character's armor is mainly just a mismatch of different armor sets then it just receives the combined armor tag. If there's one clear armor set and the remainder of the armor is a mismatch then only the most complete armor is tagged and the combined armor tag is used. If a character is wearing at most two, recognizable armor sets (ratio of about 2:3 or 2:2 out of a possible five pieces of armor) then both armor sets are tagged and the combined armor is used.

Is that too complex?

Mmm... I think as long as one recognizes which armor the part is from, he/she can tag those names + "combined armor" because that information can be useful for searching. If they can't tell which armor it is, just tag the main set + "combined armor" then. Pixiv tag can be a good indicator what to tag in these cases.