Ideas for uncluttering the Deletion Appeals thread

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What it says in the title. Basically, the DA thread has gotten fairly clunky, and it's not all that intuitive for the general user to utilize.

I think that perhaps the appeal process should be merged into the UI somehow, much like the flagging process.

Any user may appeal a deleted image, not merely its original uploader. This is already true. I think, however, that it would help to have a "This image is currently being appealed/has been appealed by (user). Reason: '(reason)'" banner at the top of any such image, so as to let users know when a post has already been sent in for appeal. Once an image has been appealed once, it shouldn't be eligible for a second one.

However, I think users are likely also not considering all that carefully which images they upload. So, to minimize the load and discourage users from uploading with the thought "oh well, I'll just get it through in the DA thread", make it so that use of the appeal function would take up one upload slot. For the uploader, this would be a sort of double-or-nothing wager on getting it passed; for anyone else, it's chipping in one of their uploading credits in the hopes of seeing something they liked getting accepted.

Anyone who has any thoughts, for, against, or alternative suggestions, please jump in.

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Seems nice, especially since a lot of approvers don't look the forum at all.

I've always been worried about 2 things however:

1) This might be true or not depending on the approver: the consideration given to an appeal may vary depending who made it, and the reason stated.
If the appeal comes from a contrib with overall great uploads, you should at least be tempted to look at the request a bit more closely.

2) Unability to reappeal.
Following 1), if that contrib wanted to appeal an already denied or likely to get denied post, he's too late.

Therefore I think you should be allowed to reappeal after some time (precisely what I don't want with flagging, I know).
Maybe make the feature open to contribs only, janitors+ included if they're unsure and want to run a poll.

Anelaid said:
Hey, I remember making this suggestion in my long post in the change long thread.

So you did! I honestly had forgotten that already.

Well, credit where it's due - you thought it up, I ended up elaborating upon it.

I'd like to see at least if a image has been re-approved or not just for general information. But I think it's a nice idea to have some way of telling if a picture is in process of being appealed,re-approved.

Also a way of showing why an appeal failed would help show that it was appealed by wasn't reapproved.

But I do have Cyberia-Mix's worries as well as my faith in the whole of Danbooru staff isn't exactly sound. Sure there's some good mods, but those seem to be the exceptions these days.