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Dance pad?

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Thanks Renim, tagged. I'm surprised there's no preexisting tag for this on Danbooru yet.

Edit: Maybe it's just me, but Anelaid, could you please cut down voting on the forum a bit? Discuss normally, otherwise it feels pushy somehow. There's not even options to vote in this thread.


rantuyetmai said:
Don't get me wrong, +1 or -1 or "I vote..." is perfectly fine as I use them myself. But seeing it in too many of his forum posts make it quite boring.

To not get off-topic: there's not enough posts to make a differentiation between soft and hard dance_pad.

I'm not trying to be an interesting poster, I'm trying to make things efficient and I don't see why you're deciding to criticize me, in particular, for something that other people do as well and why you are bringing it up here rather than in PMs, where its more appropriate. I don't want to be confrontational, I really don't think that its important enough to bring up in this thread but I'm fine with such a thing in a PM.

As for the dance pad, I didn't know we had so few posts involving dance pads. Of course, its pretty difficult to find them anyways.

"Voting" is fine. I don't care how people word it (vote, agree, support, champion, encourage, etc), I just care that people weigh in, especially if they add some reasoning. It's easier for me to make a decision if I get more than one or two opinions to consider and that's all that matters.

Anyway, aliased dance_mat and dance_platform to dance_pad.