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i've had my eye on the naruto section for quite a while and all i can say is, what the fuck. the site has been deader than a doornail for quite a while. i thought no one was uploading. but a few weeks ago i log on and find quite literally hundreds of new naruto pics. Sunhara's section in particular jumped from 39 pics to something around 150.

and than a few days later they were gone. almost every fucking picture just... *poof*. except for most of the softcore, and anything with sasuke in it that is. so now it's clear. this site has fucking cancer. and this fat lump of disease is a sasuke-tard, who also can't stand actual porn.

anyone know a way we can fix this?


Okay, I think that you are operating under some incorrect assumptions, so:

  • In all likelihood, the posts you're talking about were not approved in the mod queue, rather than being deleted by that most nefarious of villians, the "sasuke-tard". Read about:mod_queue for more info.
  • That said, I don't know what posts you could be talking about, given that there haven't been more than 20 naruto deletions in the past month.
  • This sort of complaint regarding individual pictures, artists, or copyrights really doesn't belong on the forums, because...
  • If there are deleted pictures that you think should be undeleted, you can use the Appeal link or the deletion appeals thread to request that they be reconsidered.

really? i looked at a full 10 pages under just the 'Naruto' tag that day and never got to any i had seen before. well, none i'd seen on this site anyway.

i didn't upload the pics myself, so i didn't know i could fight to have them put back up. thanks for the help.