new tag: thick_eyebrows

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The eyebrows wiki states that the tag is used for "when a character's eyebrows are unusually thick or otherwise stand out from the norm." So both thick eyebrows and things like post #756780 would be correct under the tag (though thick eyebrows I believe is the more common type under the tag).

It still might be worthwhile though to have a thick_eyebrows tag implicated to eyebrows. It would be useful in being able to search the eyebrows tags for those that "stand out from the norm" but are not thick.

It's also possible to split up the eyebrows tag with thick going under thick_eyebrows and unusual eyebrows either using the eyebrows tag or having its own tag, if that is considered the better approach.

jxh2154 said:
It's gonna be like 80% Mugi but go for it.

Oh, I dunno about that. Ever since the doujin circle Hot Dog Chuck got the ball rolling, it's fairly commonplace to see Yakumo Yukari drawn with oddly thick eyebrows.

Akamatsu Ken uses thick eyebrows as a character design gimmick, being that he himself has a thing for eyebrows in real life. In the English-language edition of "Ai Ga Tomanarai" he specifically states that Program #30 and Otohime Mutsumi (the latter of Love Hina) have this feature.

This has gotten me to pay attention to such newer characters as Kotobuki Tsumugi. Is Mugi her nickname?

Some artists like to draw Hong Meiling with thick eyebrows, probably thinking they match her personality. A recent, currently untagged example: post #873879