Tag Alias: kowarekake_no_orgel -> kowarekake_no_orgol

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Agreed, though I figured I wouldn't trample on anyone as it seemed to have remained unchanged for a while. Thanks.

It took a few moments to determine why it seemed that there weren't any images from the film in the db.


In Japan, the word "orgel" (オルゴール, orugōru) is used for a musical box. 'Orgel' is adopted from the Dutch/German word originally meaning 'organ'.

Given the official url and other evidence..

This proposed alias should be changed to:

kowarekake_no_orgol -> kowarekake_no_orgel

(noting that there are currently no posts tagged with the 'orgel' spelling.)

Then, the posts currently tag 'kowarekake_no_orgol' should changed to 'kowarekake_no_orgel' to reflect this.

Do we re-propose a new alias while referencing this post? Not that the topic is tied to the creation of the alias, but I wasn't sure of the formalities. Finally, does swapping an alias, auto swap the current tags, or would that need to be done as a separate step?