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Tag Implication: blood_tears -> blood

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When I started the tag, I used blood instead of bloody for exactly the reason Anelaid stated. I did not want confusion that the tears were composed of 100% blood instead of regular tears that just contained blood.

Personally if we're to change it, I'd rather go the route of using something like tears_of_blood than bloody_tears, since bloody does have the ambiguity that it could either contain or be composed of blood.

I meant more like something where you might be able to indicate that the blood and tears are not completely mixed. Tried looking for the effect, but closest is post #598773. That is what I think of when I think of "bloody tears," which is why I think if you really want to change blood_tears, tears_of_blood is the better choice to go with.

In short what I'm saying, is that the effect in like post #598773 is very different from the effect in post #601368, and why I really don't even want blood_tears/tears_of_blood to even be connected to bloody_tears

I wouldn't expect the blood to typically be coming from the eyes in "bloody" tears, but more like a situation like in post #567464 where the blood has flowed over or into the eye.


I was just using that as a case to show how blood would get into the eyes, it's not an example of bloody_tears or tears_of_blood. Though what I'm also trying to say is that a depiction of tears mixed with blood (bloody tears) would still be the same effect if the blood isn't coming from the eyes. I'm trying to show and say that there is a difference between "bloody tears" and "tears of blood." Blood_tears/tears_of_blood are composed completely of blood, while "bloody_tears" would be a mixture of blood and tears (and thus where the blood comes from in a depiction of that effect is meaningless).

I think post #753273 might be another example of what I'm talking about with what I'd call "bloody tears," with it (at least to me) having a what looks like blood mixed with tears (the grayish line amongst the blood) coming from the eye.


NWF, that's a totally valid and sensible distinction in your head but it's not one anyone looking at the tag is going to instinctively think about.

I'd rather just simplify the tags and use bloody_tears, and accept that there will be some images where it's just not terribly clear what the artist intended.

If they're obviously coming from two different sources, then blood tears separately like rantuyetmai suggested.

Aliasing to bloody_tears and implicating blood.