exceeding the limit of the number of pages

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breasts posts in the number of pages exceeded 7,552 but you can only view 1000, then we have the error message

if you switch to the page number 999 that can further switch towards the beginning of Next or Previous buttons to move in the opposite direction but it is inconvenient not visible when the page number


ps - English is not my native language so all the absurdities in the translation request to write off Google's translator

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  • If you're only doing a search for one tag (since Members like you can't search for more than two), use the "id:" metatag. For instance, if you're searching for breasts and this post is the last post on page 1000, change your search to breasts id:<592653.

    Alternatively, you can use the limit parameter to change the number of posts per page: just tack on "&limit=100" to the end of the URL of your post search.

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  • It's a known thing, and is due to how the paging code works -- essentially it's too straining for the server to paginate past page 1000, so it's deliberately turned off. You can use the &offset URL argument, but that's known to be broken with non-id orderings, so basically, you'll have to deal with the fact that posts page 1000 are very hard to get to. RaisingK's suggestion is close to the only thing that can work for you.

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