Tag Implication: cat_on_head -> animal_on_head

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I believe the original intention of the object_on_head tag was to really cover the variety of inanimate objects (biscuits, pumpkins, buckets, computers, etc) that characters are occasionally depicted having balanced on their heads. I don't really recall if it was I who first made the tag or someone else, though I do think I vaguely seem to remember making it.

I wouldn't really care if it was broadened in definition, though I do think it would be advisable to make sure that some of the more common types of things balanced or worn on the head can be easily removed from the broader search without needing some dozens of -tags in the search.

Going with that, I think it'd be worthwhile to change some of the current implications and create some subtags that cover some of the more common types of things worn on the head. Instead of having bra and panties on_head implicate object_on_head directly, it'd be worthwhile to have a subcategory like underwear_on_head and/or clothing_on_head.

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