Failbooru trying to search favorite history?

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I have a specific image in mind that I'm trying to find, and in trying to narrow it down I decide to search through it in my favorites list, as I believe I have it saved there.

Now, browsing it normally, despite being many page, produces no problem. However, adding a certain tag ("nipples", in this case... don't ask, I'm searching for a very ao usagi-like image) brings up certain issues. First it browses very slow - which isn't really a problem. But the Failbooru comes up once I reach page 16 of 28. It took me many tries to get it to load. Then many tries to get page 17 to load. But they eventually loaded.

Page 18, however, will not load. Nor will 19. Nor will 28.

Curious, I try a different tag, even ones that bring up far more than 28 pages. Smooth and fast, no issues.

I'm more perplexed than frustrated. What does the search have against favorites + nipples?


Interesting work-around. And, well, it worked for me. Hopefully useful info for the site-runner.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn't find the image I was looking for, so I'll use this time to ask if anyone remembers it: it's a very Ao Usagi-like image. Two panels, with a topless girl (maybe Touhou, can't remember) viewed at an angle. In the first panel, she's looking away. In the second panel, she's looking at the viewer. However, despite no turning of her body, so are her nipples. It'd be "what" if it the humor wasn't obvious. Can't for the life of me find it.