Some help finding out whos the artist of this picture. (Touhou: shameimaru aya)

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Always spin the picture into all four orientations for using IQDB, especially when you suspect that it's been tampered with. There's a "Spin (Counter)Clockwise" option in the right-click context menu in Windows, so it takes virtually no time, and rotation seems to be the most common modification that incompetent idiots perform on images. (IQDB finds this one at 57% when it's oriented correctly.)

Also, obligatory "this isn't what the forum is for".

Cyberia-Mix said:
Lucky you. For doing that quite often, when iqdb didn't work and the post is poorly tagged this is generally not that easy.

Yeah... most of the time I only use name characters + character count without general tags at all because they're very likely to be absent. In cases when the general tag indicate something very catchy (like camera, chopsticks, fish, etc) then searching will have more luck since people will not forget to tag those.

Iqdb is good, but won't work for something that you only see and remember in a PV.