Implication Removal: panties -> mouth_hold

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Huh... I don't have "panties" in my form history for the "Predicate" field on the implication form at all.

I do have "panties in mouth" so maybe something is broken if not using underscores in the implication form? I've done it for other tags though, so I doubt it.

No idea...

Anyway, sigh, cleaning it up now. At least it didn't actually retroactively apply to all panties posts. That would have been a fucking disaster. Anyone happen to remember approximately how many mouth_hold posts there were before, so I have an idea of how long this is going to take me at 250 a page?

Doesn't date: just go by upload date? Since the implication was firing on any change made after it was created, it hit any edit of any image old or new that had 'panties' on it, including any aliases/implications I did since then (thankfully, not too many). I had to go back through the query to find those older ones. Undoing things in my tag history took care of the initial batch.