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A favorite artist of mine, panmi, has been MIA for some time now.

The artist's Pixiv is gone, and the site which used to contain both panmi and their partner-in-crime, tima, seems to be offline. The only active source for the artist is the egloos acount, which still returns images sourced there (however, the main page for that egloos acount gives a 404).

On tima's Pixiv, blog and Twitter, I've failed to find any mention of panmi (though, unable to read Korean, I can't tell if there are any mentions).

Anybody with Korean language skills, or just general knowledge, have any idea what happened to panmi?

panmi's dead Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=229466
panmi and tima's site that no longer responds: http://www.p-t.kr/
image link example that still functions, but main site doesn't: http://pds16.egloos.com/pds/201002/16/74/b0090574_4b7a3a711aeea.jpg

tima's blog: http://tima.egloos.com/


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  • I have a friend who can read Korean. I could ask her to translate. But that might take awhile since we're both at university as I type this.

    Have you tried a translator from Google or something?

    Edit: Speaking of translators, I roughly got a translation from google. Apparently this artist is unwell, gone to the doctors and will be getting treatment. They are not as committed anymore to drawing as they are unwell.

    Probably doesn't mean anything and perhaps this translation is wrong.

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  • I didn't try for a google translation as I wasn't sure when panmi disappeared. Plus, no idea what the odds are that a post in tima's blog would mention panmi.

    Anyways, are you sure that the artist referenced is panmi? And when was this post dated?

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