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For those who never use it, see
New Alias
New Implication

Many problems arise with the use of those forms and the user is punished because of the poor usability.

1. There is a popular misbelief that all people who submit aliases/implications read the forum.

Forum users respond in the thread and expect the submitter to read it.

2. The form doesn't allow multiple aliases in 1 thread

Forum users will tell the submitter to group his aliases/implications in a single thread (see 1.). It just happened again a minute ago (forum #56366)

3. The form doesn't tell the user to search for rejected similar aliases/implications in the forum.

See forum #46328

4. The form doesn't check if the alias/implication already exists.

See forum #35333

5. "Reason" is not a required field.

The submitter may think that he doesn't need a reason if it's obvious enough for him. jerooff got a negative record because, apparently, he had been warned "multiple times". In fact, if nobody ever dmailed him, he had no way of knowing about any of those warnings. (see 1.)
There was no reason to give him a negative, a friendly dmail would've been enough. Only if he continues to submit without a reason after the dmail, a negative record is justified.

Edit: also eroani who was confused by the form (forum #17341). Did not repeat his mistake.

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I have little sympathy for the fact that jerooff seems to have never even considered that looking at the damn forum might be a good idea.

I did just send him a dmail about multiple requests though, maybe that will prompt him to actually show up.

You don't seem to understand that jerooff is not at fault here. A user isn't obligated to read the forum in order to contribute. If the form allows submitting without a reason, then it must be OK to do so. Also, an obvious alias/implication submission without a reason is still better than no submission at all. It's not like he did any harm, he actually helped improving Danbooru.

Considering the general de-emphasis on the "community" part of our community and what "forum" generally means on the WWW, can anyone be blamed for not coming here?

I was actually just thinking the other day that that form is truly terrible, so much so that I skipped it. But I know that all these things go here anyway. Have we discussed having aliases and implications go to a different area than the main discussion forum?