Auto Ordering based on Pixiv ordering.

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Not the current Auto Order feature, though it really should get a name change to something like "Original ordering". I nearly hit the button before when I was new here.

The only thread I found related to this is forum #33944, but nothing seems to have changed since then and it was only about changing the interface for easier ordering. What I propose is a feature to use the ordering of posts on Pixiv and apply that to out-of-order pools; it should be a button in the Order page.

The feature is most likely thought of before and might get in Danbooru 2, so this thread is just to confirm that, if anyone knows.

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  • If Pixiv has an API that I don't know about, this might be feasible, but as far as I know, the only way to implement this would be scraping the post page HTML, which would break anytime Pixiv updated their layout. As long as pool order is tracked in Danbooru 2, I don't think interfacing with Pixiv is worth the trouble; pools uploaded in drastically different order from their Pixiv posts like pool #1301 are relatively rare.

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