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Tag discussion: on_stomach -> laying_on_stomach and on_side -> laying_on_side

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S1eth said:
About laying: See the lying wiki.

่‘‰ๆœˆ said:
Laying โ‰  lying.

Well that was rather embarrassing. Well won't make that mistake again.

S1eth said:

When I tag an image, I always use both tags as if they were one = lying on_stomach, lying on_side, lying on_back.
I haven't suggested the on_* -> lying implication because there might be cases where someone is on his *, but not lying. The good old vaulting horse doesn't disappoint:
post #290783 (e)
post #621292 (e)
post #20384 (e)
post #13658 (s)

What about aliasing lying_on_stomach -> on_stomach? The same would go for the other on_*