Tag Suggestion: multiple_scenes ?

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Would it be an alright idea (if there isn't already such a tag) for images that cover multiple scenes/scenarios?

"Inlet" cutaways, like indications of what's going on from another point of view, could be exempt, though I'm not sure if separate scenes occurring at the same time in the same area (ex: half the image is in someone's room, the other, definitively visually divided half is someone observing from the doorway) would count as far as the portrayal of the tag's concept goes. Then there's whether or not profile/bust images of characters (or other things) would count as a "scene" or not (though in that case, there are probably more than one actual scenes in the picture alongside); an entire image of profiles/busts probably wouldn't count for scenes at all, though I'll stop before wondering what that would be tagged as.


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