Ghost Trick Mass Edit (spoilers)

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Not bumping forum #44088 because the title is is a spoiler.

For most of the game, the main character believes himself to be the departed soul of this fellow in the red suit (post #833259) and calls himself Sissel. It's not until about three-fourths of the way through the game that he realizes that he's not this person, and not until the very end of the game that he finds out that Sissel is his name, as he is actually the departed soul of this cat (post #843276). The red-suited guy's name is Yomiel; currently, both are tagged with their true names, which is a huge spoiler.

A yomiel_(ghost_trick)->sissel mass edit takes care of one problem here, but that leaves no appropriate name for the true Sissel, i.e. the cat. Suggestions?

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  • I've come across this problem when I uploaded a Ghost Trick image.

    I think the easiest thing to do is use sissel_(cat). I think spoilers are somewhat unavoidable in this case, though. Even though we refer to Yomiel as Sissel for most the game, labelling him as Sissel here seems kind of off. Unless there's precedence for this kind of identity thing?

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