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Those could probably all be placed under a toeless_legwear tag.

It should be noted though, that toeless should mean that the legwear still covers part of the foot it just exposes the toes. This is different from footless which would mean that the foot is barely or isn't covered at all.

There also exists things that would fall under a broader non-legwear tags of footless and toeless, so broader tags would likely be wanted. I think it would be worthwhile to be able to filter out the legwear type, which is why I suggest putting the ones listed by the OP under a legwear defined tag.


Snesso said:
Should there be different tags for each type of legwear? There is currently 1 toeless_pantyhose and 2 toeless_thighhighs , but a quick look at the toeless_socks tag shows plenty of thighhighs and pantyhoses.

That's me. Given the thighhighs, pantyhose etc. tags are generally pretty accurate I thought toeless_socks only contained socks, and that the few thighhighs and pantyhose I randomly found were exceptions that never started to be tagged.

+1 to Renim's suggestion for consistency with forum #56675.