"Nice Knowing You" and "Told you not to do that" pools question.

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I've been curious about this for a while now.

Nice Knowing You (pool #1246) is for pictures where someone's about to get punished for something, whilst Told You Not To Do That (pool #1561) is for the aftermath of punishment.

So why are there pictures that are in both pools? I could understand pictures or flashes that have two separate scenarios, but pictures like post #524947 and post #514258 are in both pools when one should be in the "Told you" pool and the other the "Nice Knowing You" pool. I'd fix it myself, but a few are a bit ambiguous and I wouldn't know which pool they should be taken out of.

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At least the first one seems to be both since it has 1.) Cirno saying she wants to play with Flan, 2.) Cirno being dead

The second one I'm not sure, I would want to say both, but it the "nice knowing you" part occurred in the last panel when she tried to blame Reisen for everything. I say both since it seems the whole "I'm smiling even though I'm angry" and Eirin's threats kind of fit into the foreboding feeling of nice knowing you.