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[Translation] - Regarding the translation boxes

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It's a little trivial, but are there some standards when putting out those translation boxes? Sometimes I noticed the translation notes being edited only to fix the shape of the translation boxes. Now I can understand when the boxes didn't cover the texts properly, but sometimes they're shrunk to an awkward shape as seen in that recent post of mine. I'll assume that it's to make sure the screen is not cluttered, but won't a single click hide all the translations for a clear view?

Which brings me to another problem that leaves me dumbfounded - when the translated texts have borders of their own. When I made the box the size of the border itself, someone then shrank it to only cover the texts. And the other time when I made it so that the box covered only the texts, someone then decided to fix it to cover the whole border.

Edit: And I just noticed Bansho decided to remove the included names in most of the translation notes in that post. I did that deliberately in order to identify the speaker, even if that's not included in the original content.

Updated by jxh2154

If it's a perfectly square box yes fit the translation note to the box, if someone reduces the size feel free to yell at them this has been discussed before at length and agreed that that was the best way to do it.

As for other notes, fit them to the text except when overly obtrusive. Use discretion to decide what's obtrusive and what's not but the current state of that image looks right to me.