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Please unlock pools 3500, 3501, 3502, and 3504. I already know Pool 3501 has additional posts that belong to it, but the pool creator has a rather... absurd notion on what belongs there (See post #917700).
I also have a feeling that the other pools may have more that should belong to them in the future, if not already.

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  • Please links to the pools by writing "pool #1234".

    All the pools:
    pool #3500 - pixiv - gif
    pool #3501 - pixiv - gif
    pool #3502 - pixiv - gif
    pool #3504 - pixiv - gif
    mirror finished sets of images from pixiv manga (and the complete gif versions), which go by the names ランダム/Random xxxxxx.
    That's why the pools are also named Random xxxxxx.
    Since the artist won't (can't?) add any more images to a pixiv manga he posted, the pools can be closed.

    post #917700 may show Patchouli in the same costume, but collecting magical girl images of Patchouli is not the point of Random Lyrical☆Patchouli-san. If you'd want that, pool #3501 is the wrong pool for it.

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  • AyaReiko said:
    Um... that's... an entirely stupid idea.

    Seriously, that is the dumbest explanation I've heard in awhile. Did you even *look* at the pics' pixiv page? IT'S TAGGED AS A PART OF THAT SET. I just looked and the tag is there. It (among others) belongs in the set because it IS obviously a part of that set. And leave it unlocked, since pepepe may add more in the future.

    Just because they share the same tag on pixiv doesn't mean they're part of the same set. We don't lump two different comic series from the same artist into a single pool just because they share similar tags on pixiv.

    Those pools should only contain the images found in their pixiv manga pages and the gif at the end, since that makes up that specific set. It's the titles on pixiv that matter here and not the tags.

    Edit: And stealth post from S1eth explains it better than me. orz

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