tail_ribbon vs tail_bow

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Similar situation as in forum #29082
Wiki description for tail_ribbon says about ribbons/bows tied around tails, suggesting tail_ribbon and tail_bow is the same thing.
Yet, there is tag implication for tail_ribbon->ribbon only, and tail_bow tag also exist.

Either we
a) say there is no clear distinction between tail_ribbon and tail_bow - but then we should unimplicate tail_ribbon->ribbon. We can also alias tail_bow to tail_ribbon then.
b) change tail_ribbon wiki description for ribbons only (leaving bows for tail_bows)

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Well it is tricky since a bow is a specific type of "knot" for a ribbon and are used differently. Much like ascot.


3. a decorative interlacing of ribbon or other fabrics, usually having two loops and two loose ends


a woven strip or band of fine material, as silk or rayon, varying in width and finished off at the edges, used for ornament, tying, etc.

So if we wanted to get totally technical, some bows would fall under ribbon some would not (depending on material). Also some ribbons that might be tagged now would technically not be a ribbon (again material).

I would say:

bow = bow knot
ribbon = other types of knots using the "correct materials"

Otherwise just use the "tail" length metric for the two.