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Tag Implication: cow -> animal

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animal wiki said:
Described as a living organism characterized by voluntary movement.

Well, we'd better get to tagging all pictures of humans with animal, then. Also, sponges, sea anemones, and quite a few bivalves are animals without the capacity for voluntary movement.

In the event that we do this, there's a list of animals which would need the same implication.

Anelaid said:
Implicating cow -> animal.

Reason: The former is a type of the latter

While you are technically correct, the workload on both humans, to promulgate the alias list to correctly apply the tag hierarchy, and on the software to apply such an action, I fail to see any return on investment.

If it has to be done at all, I would recommend that animal be defined as a non-sentient living organism, merely to remove aliens and humans from a blanket tag. Additionally calling a human an animal is usually derogatory.

I admit the tag may have limited search value, but at a terrific price.

I want to object to this, really. I really do, but at the same time I see the utility of it as similar to long_hair and the like-- more useful for including or excluding a particular feature to a large subset of everything quickly.

And yes, I think animal would be things that actually exist(ed-- though dinosaurs at least have a tag, do they not?); things that a child would generally call an animal (I've not met many (any?) that think that way of humans). Things seen on farms, at zoos, in aquariums, aviaries, etc. It's a pretty substantial tag, honestly. Maybe even bigger than Touhou.


unicogirl said: Implicating any of it wouldn't do, unless the actual animal was in the image and not just a personification / monster girl,boy version.

This is a concern. I just don't have a good sense of how many images would be improperly affected. A modest number at least, I'd think.