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-1. If magic_hand is being used for the device, then a better alternative is changing the tag we use for it. Magic hand is likely just a brand for those devices, and the wiki is wrong. They aren't just toys, they are actual tools. From a quick googling of them they can be referred to as a "reacher_tool" or "reacher_grabber." They are sold for a variety of purposes, all of which rely on extending the reach of the user. Some are toys, but by large the more important purpose is assisting the elderly or infirm. They are also used for cleaning, safely picking up garbage without having to bend over or touching what might have germs or sharp parts.

So I guess there's agreement on the current wiki definition for magic_hand? That one will need some cleanup if we're sticking to it (maybe an alias to one of the terms NWF Renim proposed above too, to prevent future confusion).