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I have been thinking about this for a little while, and I was wondering, should the Robot ears tag be renamed to something else?

The reason why I'm bringing this up is because in the definition (that I wrote), I make mention that cyborgs could have these sorts of adornments as well.

Not to mention, that "robot ears" may or may not function as ears, and instead perhaps a interface device ala Chii from Chobits, or merely a radio wave RX/TX device like Multi from ToHeart? (I'm assuming that, because she's shown with natural ears when she takes them off.)

So the question that I pose right now is, what would be a better term for “robot ears” other than well… "robot ears"?

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I see no reason to change the tag. Even if they're cyborgs, the devices are still robotic in nature. A robotic arm can be on a cyborg or a robot and still be robotic. Additionally, while some may not be ears, they take the place of ears more often than not on the body.

You're also making an assumption that if they have one function that they can't have any other functions as well. While it is true that the ears of persocoms from Chobits had AV ports located in the robotic ears I do not believe that this would indicate that they can't also function as ears.