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there's no wiki definitions yet and it seems that they have overlapping entries.

the guard_rail entries predominantly have "thicker fences" that are commonly found near cliffs and dangerously prone places at roadside. if this the right definition, i can clean the entries up.

however, the rail and railing seem to be no different at all. is this the one with "thinner fences" in pedestrian walkways/overpass like post #60649 and post #367314? inside the building like post #882695? how about a "thicker" rail but located in buildings like terraces like post #892579? if these two are the same i propose a tag alias: rail -> railing or whichever is appropriate.

hoping for your guidance. thanks.

EDIT: changed thread title from wiki definitions: guard_rail, rail, railing to Tag Alias: rail -> railing


I don't use rail myself (frankly if I did, I'd use it for railroad_tracks). Railing though can by used anywhere a short permanent barrier with a handrail is used for control or safety purposes for people (along walkways, bridges, stairways, balconies, the ends of train cars, etc). If in our usage rail and railing are a synonymous, an alias might be in order.

I'd use railing for all your examples. In my mind guard_rail has a fixed usage along roads to protect out-of-control vehicles.

yes, that's exactly too in my mind. luckily, the rail posts don't include those used in tracks, so it's safe at the moment. btw, if you don't mind i'll use your definitions when i update the wiki entries. thank you very much.

and maybe i'll put my official request here too instead of making another thread:
Tag Alias: rail -> railing