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Been kinda sitting on this for a while, but what do I do in a case where I *know* that a bunch of images are made by the same artist due to style, but I have no idea who the artist is due to the artist having no known common websites or name?

Images in question:

post #181379
post #181376
post #71091
post #278612
post #278601
post #396203

...Yeah. Save 71091, I'm the only one who's uploaded the images from this guy. The image board where I found 396203 is still around, but I'm not sure if the original artist was the one who posted them (since it also has smaller versions of 181379 and 278601 there was well). Then again, I can't actually read Japanese, so who knows?

The image board in question: http://www.usamimi.info/~Rydia/cgi-bin/Mist/index.cgi

Thanks in advance.

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  • Algasir said:
    The image board in question: http://www.usamimi.info/~Rydia/cgi-bin/Mist/index.cgi

    From the image board:

    Anonymous: この絵師さんの情報モトム (post #181379)

    Anonymous: 最萌トーナメントの支援のひと

    Anonymous: 最萌トーナメントって!?

    Anonymous: 一昨年にゲサロで開催したRPG最萌トーナメントのリディア支援の人

    Anonymous: そうですかぁ~ありがとうございます!

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  • Anonymous: Can anyone tell me anything about this artist? (post #181379)

    Anonymous: A supporter of the Saimoe Tournament.

    Anonymous: What is Saimoe? I googled it, but all I could find was old outdated information... Hmm...
    If you don't mind, can you tell me the specific URL? Thanks in advance.

    Anonymous: The artist supported Rydia in the RPG Saimoe Tournament that took place in the 2ch Game Salon board the year before last (2006). I have no more information than that.

    Anonymous: I see. Thank you! So the artist doesn't have a home page. That's too bad!
    Anyway, this Rydia is cute!


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