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I know this has been discussed several time before, but this pool desperately needs a less confusing name. Many, if not most, people appear to mistake it for a "You are going to die" or "Evil faces" pool, which leads to more off-topic addition than in any other pool. It doesn't help that the rules are clearly specified, the title clearly confuses most users.
I suggest "You really shouldn't do that" as a new, less confusing title. Another suggestion I've seen is "Darwin awards".


Perhaps there's a better way to phrase it that "you really shouldn't do that" because it kind of sounds plain. As for Darwin Awards, even though I'm the one who suggested it I think it's not that good in hindsight. Primarily the issue that not everyone knows what Darwin Awards are, so may cause confusion again.

Didn't think about that.

It's because of my obsession with catchy and interesting names anyway. I may not favor it but I wouldn't object to "You really shouldn't do that" if chosen.

Calling for good ideas in the meantime. After all, it's one of the most significant meme pool, and we may want to make the best use of discussing its name.

Suggesting "Imminent retribution".

It hints that the imminent victim(s) commited an offense towards the punisher(s), is/are about to be punished for that offense specifically, and that the consequences aren't necessarily lethal or serious.

e: rephrased a little.


The problem with "Imminent retribution" is that not every picture in NKY is necessarily about doing something bad to another person. It also contains situations where consequences of the stupid action is punishment in itself: i.e using a grenade to mash potatoes, or holding a bomb with a lit fuse.

And regarding 'You really shouldn't do that' being "plain", that's exactly why I suggested it. The title sums up what it's all about, and you don't have to read an explanation to get it (unlike imminent retribution).

Popebug said:
The title sums up what it's all about, and you don't have to read an explanation to get it (unlike imminent retribution).

Eh? I don't see what's unclear, but you're right about the second character being optional, so it doesn't matter anymore.

Well, plain or not I think your suggestion is the most accurate so far.

Popebug said:
Sure, that could be a good idea for a pool. I've also considered making a "It's right behind you!" for the many, many pictures of monsters, angry lolis and such standing behind completely oblivious future victims.

Hmmm, "It's Right Behind You" would be a subset of "Impending Doom".

Don't add to the former if the character is aware (and, say, running like hell), or add to the latter if it falls under the former, or add to either if it falls under "Nice Knowing You"? I wonder if that's too complicated, but I want to avoid poolbar clutter.


RaisingK said:
Your call on that, but overlap is still an issue between Impending Doom and Nice Knowing You...

Hm, true, true. Well, if you think you can keep track on it, do whatever you want. I'm really only concerned about keeping existing pools on topic, and NKY has always had a huge problem with that.

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