New tag suggestion: soga_no_tojiko's trademark monologue

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As you may be aware, Soga_no_Tojiki's "やってやんよ!" is quickly becoming a popular meme.

(If you don't, Tojiko says nothing when she's the mid-boss in stage 5 of Ten Desires, but "やってやんよ!" is one of the things she does say when she is summoned by Toyosatomimi_no_Miko in stage 6. Because of how peculiar "やってやんよ!" is, and the fact that it's one of the few things she really says, it's become quite a meme regarding Tojiko.)

Now, as we have an is_that_so tag for Rumia, I suggest we have one for "やってやんよ!" as well. One problem I can see, however, is that there seems to be no common translation for "やってやんよ!" as of now.

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I took the liberty of making and applying the tag to all the relevant images I could find, and creating the wiki for it, as well.

I don't think a translation for the tag itself is that important, as it's bound to get different translations and eventually be used more like unyu or homu, like in post #1000572.

Arguably, it's easier to tag that way. A good example of this being urameshiya.

I'd say unyu and homu are different since they are meaningless expressions, but if urameshiya (being a tricky-to-translate one) is left as it is, I guess that works. Whichever way, thank you for implementing the tag before too many imahes contain the meme.

My point was that it would end up being used in a fairly meaningless way, effectively making it similar to those two.

Anyway, it seems Mononobe no Futo's phrase is being used almost as often, but only alongside "Yatteyanyo!". I went ahead and added it to the bottom of the yatteyanyo wiki.

If it gains a life of its own it could get a tag, but for now I think this is fine.