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The tag o o says it is restricted to eyes which are white circles.

In spite of that, some black circles are found there: post #1004831, post #997945 and more.

Maybe a new tag should be created for the 100% black round eyes? (Or, perhaps, the description of o o should be changed to be less strict, allowing both white and black eyes, indiscriminately, together?)

If this question is answered, post #1005090 will gain a proper eye tag; it does not have any, now.

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I don't like these suggestions, for their use as discussed here is unintuitive:

  • o_o_(black) and o_o_(filled_in) look like they could be perfect subsets of o_o instead (based on the untrue but very intuitive assumption that o_o could be used as a tag for both white and black round eyes)
  • dot_eyes looks like a great alias for ._. instead; dots and filled circles are different things - they have different sizes

I like black_circle_eyes very much, as it is accurate and understandable enough. Yet, this other, big, long name would be the most accurate of all:

  • solid_black_circle_eyes

It's common with Churuya-like chibi characters. I think I remember it being used in Azumanga Daioh and/or Negima as with mischievous chibified characters.

It's a similar style expression (both in design and usage) to the deadpan Þ shaped empty eyes (see post #997314, post #371724) employed in say Pani Poni Dash! with Ichijou, in Negima with Ayase Yue, in To Aru Majutsu no Index with Misaka imouto, etc.

The ●_● is more or less the same thing except more hyperactive, less deadpan, and more universally black. The Þ eye thing is generally just a flat color version of the original eye color.

While we're on the topic, maybe there's a better way to tag the Þ style eye thing rather than just empty eyes since that covers multiple styles and moods.


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