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Despatche said:
maybe I don't want to.

Sure you do, here have a memo.

The website N-sider in a Q&A mailbag for 12-12-2004 in a response to a letter asking the GCN question, says that NGC is a Japanese telephone company and so Nintendo didn't want to use NGC (seems at odds then with wikipedia though).

Some things that may have also contributed may be because in the US there is the Northrop Grumman Corporation (founded by a merger in 1994, though their stock symbol is NOC) and also there is the National Geographic Channel (official short form Nat Geo though). Nat Geo has been around since 1997 and initially launched in the UK, Europe, and Australia. It also launched in the US in January 2001, thus released before the arrival of the GameCube in the US.


Per that memo, maybe (just maybe) this one would be a good idea also:

Frankly, I probably would never use it if /ngc were available.

But, since both /ngc and /gcn mean "nintendo gamecube" officially, probably having both aliases (thus spending two of the possible 17,576 different three-letter aliases) simply wouldn't hurt.